The Benefit of Thumbs

“Mabu’s yard all clear and secure.” Brad called into the radio. He had led her to one of the smaller areas off the main yard. They stepped into the barn that had just been closed off. “Get started in here, we’re letting Mabu into his yard so he’ll be on the other side.”

There was something less than comforting knowing the only thing between her and a thirteen thousand pound animal was a mechanical door. Brad only made it worse as he headed for the other door.

“Oh and if that door starts to open, run.” He gave her a wave and jogged out.

“Wait! Why would the door open?!” She called back but there was no response. “I’m fairly certain I’m doing your job right now anyway.” She grumbled as she loaded her shovel.

Large animals meant large waste. She was basically there as manual labor for the day and she was feeling it. This barn was only for one of them and it took her twenty five minutes to get all the waste out of the barn.

Over the radio she heard the others confirming that they had let Mabu into the yard on the other side of her door. Mabu for his part was a bit confused why his barn was closed and a large knock reverberated through the room making her jump.

He can’t open the door. It’s secured and he doesn’t have opposable thumbs. She reassured herself. Thumbs, it all came down to thumbs.

“How’s it going?” Brad asked popping his head around the corner.

“How do you all not have back problems?” She asked, leaning on the shovel for support.

He laughed. “Who says we don’t?” He dragged in a hose and helped her with the last of the cleaning. It was almost the end of her shift and her limbs were screaming and there was a dryness to her throat that was part thirst and part hay dust. How hay got to the places it did she hadn’t quite figured out but then again she had stuffed it into boxes and basically hugged it.

“I’m out after this I think.” She was helping wrap up the hose and they had both received a bit of a shower from the water still inside.

“Right, you’re just here for the morning part. Well hopefully we didn’t scare you off with all this.”

She smiled. “Not yet. Give it a few more chances and check back with me.”

Brad followed her out to the path. “Just make sure you come back soon, they’re only so many of you lot I actually like.”

She waved and let herself out giving a nice wave to Mabu as she left. He merely flicked an ear. Well she hadn’t expected anything less. She was too squishable to gain his notice.

I was robbed this week. See what the others did here. 


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