Tumbling Temples

She lit the flare, and fire danced off the carved dome of the temple. Which would have been comforting except the temple was not the aged cracked relic she had come to see. It glistened off the red light of the flare with flecks of marble untouched by years and granite yet to chip. The how she came to be here wasn’t didn’t help her piece together the apparent time warp she found herself in.

She had been visiting the temple with her history study group while they were on their study abroad free time. Something had caught her eye in one of the antechambers off the main hall. She had followed it without thinking. That was when things had gone sideways. Literally. She had felt as if the floor was trying to become the ceiling and the next thing she knew she was falling and landing in the dark room she found herself now.

This was not the same room she had tilted in, it was darker and the cold seemed to sink into her almost as if she was underground. Well that could be true, there had been rumors that the temple had only been discovered after a fracking explosion unearthed part of it. Now it was on the surface but she guessed that hadn’t always been the case.

No sound came from any living thing and she took a few cautious steps out of the room as the flare came to it’s last flickering legs. Exiting the room she found light emanating further down the hall. She followed it until she emerged into a large room lit by torches. The room also wasn’t empty, people slept in rows, filling the great room with snores and restlessness. She took a step back into the shadows but knocked into one of the torches. The clatter rose the sleeping masses and soon several hundred eyes locked on her with a mixture of alarm and awe.

What happened next was mixed. Half of the people prostrated themselves in her direction while the others drew arms and rushed towards her.

Worshipped as some god or skewered for trespassing – not great options – she ran. Which would have been the proper response had she known where she was or what she was doing. As it was she was in for a very interesting day.

This week we robbed Kid. See what the others did here. 


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