Kitchen Dangers

The knife slipped, cutting through the apple and hard into her palm. She grabbed the towel on the counter and attempted to staunch the flow. The flow of curse words from her mouth drew the attention of her roommate.

“I told you not to try and cut the apple.” Ian sighed as he came into the room.

“Hey I am not going to let this thing” she shook her cast at him, “keep me from doing things.”

Ian took the cast in hand and removed the towel from her palm. “It’s on your dominant hand Lia.” He replaced the towel with added pressure. “That now needs stitches as well.” He snatched his keys from the counter. “Let’s go klutz, and this time you need to actually do what the doctor says so I don’t have to keep driving you to the E.R.”

“Hey it’s not like I actually tried to maim myself the apple had it out for me.”


The waiting room was only mildly full so they were in after only an hour, by which time the blood was not entirely managed by the towel.

“Am I going to need a new cast?” Ian raised an eyebrow at her question. “I mean they say don’t get it wet, blood is wet, therefore blood on cast may not be such a good thing.”

“Lia, ask the doctor when he gets here, I am not an expert on the fluidity of your blood and its effects on cast cohesion.” He was frustrated. She understood. This wasn’t the first, second, or even the third time he had taken her to the E.R. in the last four months.

Not wanting to push his mood further she sat quietly until the doctor came in.

“And what do we have here?”

Lia extended her arm to him. “I was trying to cut an apple and missed.” She took the towel off. “Rather badly by the looks of it.”

“You were using your non dominant hand I assume?” She nodded. “You don’t follow doctors orders well do you?”

“How do you know that?” She was surprised at the insight and also wincing as the numbing agent was injected into her palm.

“Well you’re records indicate a repetitive appearance here, your friend looks more annoyed than concern, plus I recognize you from when you got the cast.” He glanced down at it. “Which you will need to replace seeing as you bled all over it and blood is not an exception to the whole no liquids on the cast rule.”

Ian pulled out his phone. “Do you mind putting your number in here so I can call you the next time something happens. You’ll be able to talk more sense into her than anyone else.”

Lia glared at Ian. “You’re evil.”

“You’re a klutz, i’m protecting us both here.”

This week we robbed M.D. See what the gang did here. 


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