Family Matters

He pivoted left letting the blade pass harmlessly a breath from his ribs and felt their rage and terror pour into him. He grinned a feral smile and saw color drain from the faces of those closest to him. They were only starting to realize what they were dealing with.

Which meant he was finally going to start having fun. Up until now he had had to hold himself in check just to make it appear that they had a slight chance at him. Now, as the true terror set in, he could begin to express himself. He did enjoy a good show.

It was still far to easy. Was there no one who posed even a minor challenge? He was dispatching the final man with an easy snap of the neck when a dagger grazed his upper arm and embedded in the wall behind him. The scent that carried with the dagger was familiar and intoxicating. His smile widened with pleasure. “Daniella, so glad you could join us.” He drawled pleasantly.

“Still enjoying carnage I see.” Her voice was icy and held no room for placation. “Reliable as always.”

He plucked the dagger from the wall and inspected it dismissively. “You were always so judgmental of my entertainment, I blame your mother, she raised you to be so black and white.”

Daniella maintained her stony expression, there was nothing to be gained by engaging in talk with him. He was only there to sate his palate for destruction. If he was done he would have left already. He hadn’t, so she would have to prove a great enough opponent to entertain him.

She advanced slowly and saw his eyes spark in anticipation. They hadn’t opposed each other in decades and he was clearly eager to see how she fared.

She wondered, as she began her first attack, if all father daughter relationships were this antagonistic.

This week we robbed Amy. See the whole crew here. 


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