It had been a long day, all Lilly wanted to do was take a shower, put on her sweat pants and veg in front of the tv. She’d been home for nearly twenty minutes and she had yet to achieve the shower. Or even remove her clothes.

The reason was purring and digging claws into her shoulders. She sighed and ruffled the head that was dropping lower. “You’re just so content up there aren’t you?”

She was still in the same state, though she had managed to remove her shoes and socks without dislodging her friend, when she heard the front door open and close.

“Lil?” Called a weary voice.

“Bedroom.” She called back.

Grant’s head  poked through the doorway. “You have something furry on your back.” He stated blandly.

“Brilliant deduction sherlock, have you also discovered shoes on your feet and air in your lungs?” Seems they both had had long days. Grant was less sarcastic than her on a normal basis so if he was at her level things hadn’t gone well. “What’s got you in a tizzy?”

He slid onto the bed next to her with a sigh. “Idiot people, nothing that I haven’t dealt with before but it’s still frustrating. You?”

“Two sets of kittens came in along with two critical dogs and a parrot that really wanted a piece of my hand.” She held up a wrapped left hand as evidence.

“Ice cream?”


He nodded and stood to leave before pausing and turning back. “One other thing.” He grabbed for the cat. “You get to come with me so she can shower.”

“Oh thank you, I have enough claw marks without the ones she gives.”

The thievery has started again. Check out here for all the others. 


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