I’m What?

Waking up was one of my least favorite activities of the whole day. At least I was pretty sure it was. My eyes were slowly opening onto a room that looked not at all familiar to me. Though the more I thought about it, I didn’t seem familiar to me.

I am……….crap. Well that was a dead end. I sat up, pictures on the wall drew no response or recognition, nothing in the room stirred anything but the barest hint of, well it doesn’t suck. Great, had this been an ongoing thing? Like an everyday is a new day thing and I was going to have to figure everything out again after I slept? Or was it a more resent acquiring of amnesia that meant I was about to go on a very tiring adventure to find myself? To be fair I think the first one would be easier, probably had a book all ready to tell me about my life.

Like that movie where the guy did that for Drew Barrymore. Well so I knew that movie, that was something. Useless, but something.

Deciding it was easier to sort through this new reality not lying in bed I slid out of bed. Shouldn’t I be more panicked? Or was I just not the type? Practical, I felt practical, not the worst quality to have.

Was this even my room? The photos showed a girl mid twenties, I looked down, girl, check, mid twenties? Maybe? I took one of the photos to the bathroom that was connected to this room and looked in the mirror. Well it was my room alright.

“Marcie breakfast!” I startled, apparently it wasn’t my house, err, apartment, I amended after a look out the bathroom window. Was I Marcie? Or were there other people here besides me and the yelling voice? Footsteps jogged down the hall and I poked my head back into my room. “Come on Marce, the pancakes are getting cold.” The voice was attached to a man, a rather attractive man and one who was looking at me expectantly.

“Umm, who are you?” I took a few steps forward.

He seemed confused. “What are you talking about? Wait is this another one of those moments when you’re mad at me and I don’t know it so you ignore me in mean and unnecessary ways?” Well that made me sound fun.

“No? Look I don’t know what’s going on but I have no idea who you are. I don’t even know who I am.” I watched his face cloud with concern.

“You’re serious?” I nodded. “You don’t remember anything? The fact that we grew up together? Went to the same college?” He trailed off after the second shake of my head. At least he knew me, that was something right? “Wow. Ok, this is not what I signed up for today but here we go. Come on let’s go eat breakfast and I’ll explain how I’m your best friend and also your nemesis and that you were technically a superhero until about a year ago when you hit fuck it.”

Well that was a lot to process. Though the superhero’s being real thing wasn’t a surprise. Apparently my knowledge of the reality I lived in hadn’t gone, just my place in it. There was also a twinge of something when he said nemesis, an acknowledgement of some form. But I didn’t hate him, that was weird. Maybe pancakes would help.


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