Home? (Allie) (5x5x5 w.5.d.3)

Everything here is so beautiful. Allie shook her head at the thought. This wasn’t beauty. But it is. The colors, the way everything is no longer separated, it’s right. No! What she was seeing was not what was supposed to be. She wouldn’t believe it.

It was only a few days since she had gotten back to earth from that hell and it still wouldn’t leave her. Whatever power they had given her was trying to corrupt her. It had been a subtle at first, a nagging feeling here or there, a want for something out of the ordinary. But the more she used the power the stronger it got. Escaping had been too much, it was a voice now, one not easily shoved out of the way. It stared at the carnage in front of her and saw beauty.

It sickened her. But what was worse was that there was a part of her that agreed with it now. That there was beauty even in this destruction. That sickened her more.

Beauty is what you make it, and you can make so much now. It crooned. Look what you’ve done already? Allie couldn’t stop it from shoving the memories to the forefront of her mind. Her gate back to earth had left its own imprint on her reality. Look at how quickly the buildings fell. With so little effort. Allie clenched her hands. Everything here is so fragile, so easily broken. Like your family.

Allie was flooded with the sights, sounds and smells of the day the portal had opened. Her mother, brother and sister on the roof with her. Those around them shrieking in terror, dying, bleeding, holding on to each other for something they could not find. “Stop it.” She snapped. She had had plenty of time to relive these images with the hosts who had caused it.

But can’t you see? They weren’t meant to live in this beauty. You are. You belong here now. 

“No I don’t.” Allie looked around at the room she had sheltered in. She had scavenged a few weapons from the surrounding areas and had even managed a few of her own personal items from the roof they had been on. How they were still intact she wasn’t going to think about.

She packed quickly. The voice tried to force her out of her plan but she wrestled with it in her mind, shoving it into the depths until she was out the door and on her way.

She had learned many things from her hosts and hoped it would be enough to keep her alive now. She also had a theory that the farther she was from a gate opening the quieter that voice would become. At least that was the best she could hope for.

Until she figured out how to get rid of it she was going to do her best to ignore it. Keeping her sanity was probably a good thing to do anyway, hell on earth being a reality and all.


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