Fizz pt. 3 (5x5x5 w.3.d.3)

Fizz was certain that in the next few moments things were either going to get really bad, or really really bad. The glass that the Alpha had shattered was trickling past her hand as she tuned in to her ninth clone. Every kin and vampire in the club was silent, waiting for their leaders to decide how this would fall.

Fizz expected violence and she was not disappointed. The vampire leader brushed the glass from in front of him and made to stand. “I think we’re done for this evening. Seeing as how some of us can’t maintain control of themselves.”

The growl from the alpha pricked the hairs on Fizz’s arms. “Always thinking you’re so much better than the rest of us.”

The vampire smirked. “I hold no regard for throw rugs.”

The alpha launched across the table and Fizz stumbled back into several other kin who were rushing to join their leader. Fizz quickly dropped half her clones as they were too entrenched in the chaos to be of much help. The ones that weren’t set about throwing any and all kin and vampire out the nearest door. It wasn’t easy and she received more than a few unwelcome punches for her services.

She maintained her real self behind the bar, partially to protect the booze from damage and partially to keep herself upright. Any damage done to a clone was felt in part by her. Lessened somewhat but still enough that after a while it started to build up.

The only one not engaged in the chaos was the half kin at the bar. He merely sipped his whiskey slowly.

Clone four took a throw against the wall and Fizz doubled over with a groan, letting the clone fade as she did.

Lux had tossed several kin and vampires away from with the wave of an arm and Fizz wondered how he expected to end this. She didn’t get the chance to figure it out as one of the kin was thrown over the bar and collided with her slamming her into the back wall.


Fizz came to slowly, everything in her body a dull throb of pain. Which wasn’t a surprise considering the size of the kin that was thrown her way. What was surprising was the fact that she was in a bed. Her bed. In her apartment. With no memory of how she got there.

It was well into the afternoon now and she had regained some of the pigment in her hair and a bit of sparkle in her skin. She changed out of her work clothes and into her normal house attire, sweatpants and a sports bra. Food would help with the rest. Emerging from her room she did a double take. There was a man in her kitchen. She blinked several times. Nope he was still there.

“I’m sorry what are you doing in my kitchen?” She recognized him as the half kin from the club but that did nothing to explain his presence here.

“Making food. Thought you might be hungry after having a kin land on you.” He was flipping something in a pan as he spoke. She was smelling wonderful things that had never before existed in her kitchen.

“No, I mean thanks, but what are you doing here exactly? How did you know where I live?” She crossed her arms and then realized what she was wearing. “Hold on, I should get a shirt.” She threw one on still half in a daze. “Alright,” reemerging she found a plate of food on her small table, “why and how are you here?”

He sat with her. “Lux told me to take you home after you were knocked out. He gave me vague ish instructions on where you lived and told me where your things were. I snooped to find the address and keys so I didn’t end up in someone else’s place and well, here we are.”

She paused with a bite half way to her mouth. “Lux told you to take me home?” She set her fork down. “You’re joking.” He shook his head. “Wow, Lux showed a modicum of concern.” She took a bite. “This is delicious. Also who are you?”


“You never gave me a name and while I appreciate the aid in getting here I usually know the names of men I invite into my place.”

His eyebrow quirked and he smirked. “You invite many men into your place then?”

“Aw you’re cute when you try to be sassy.” She zipped back.

He growled. “I’m not cute.”

She tilted her head and smiled. “You have puppy ears and they droop when you’re angry. Sorry dude you’re doomed.”

“Says the petite bubblegum pink sparkling fairy.”

Fizz glared without really meaning it “Fairy is not a term that we of the fae variety appreciate.” She took a few more bites of food. “And don’t think you avoiding the name question is going unnoticed.” She pondered it for awhile. “Although I’m sure Lux would tell me if I asked.” That finally got his attention.

“How are you on speaking terms with him?”

She laughed at his confusion. “What do you mean? He’s my boss. That sort of requires talking.”

“You don’t know who he is do you?” He said it with such surprise that Fizz paused in her meal.

“What do you mean? He’s a demon, been around for a while by my estimation.”

“He’s one of the first.”

“Pardon?” She was starting to feel a prickling on her skin at his direction of conversation.

He shook his head. “You seriously didn’t know? Lux is one of the first demons to ever have existed. You’re basically working for the leader of hell.”


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