Driving Through Crazy (5x5x5 w.2.d.2)

Allie wasn’t big on the whole apocalypse thing. Not that anyone was really rooting for it, well maybe a few, but once they realized the form it was going to take they quickly changed their mind. No one could really be a fan of hell gates opening randomly, swallowing whatever was around them while unleashing hoards of demons into the world.

Now three months after it had all started Allie was still trekking down the central valley of California with an end goal of Pendleton or other military outpost there. There were a few sections that had withstood the first onslaught and had managed to organize.

She had managed to find a car with the keys still in and enough gas for at least a few days. It was a luxury she hadn’t planned on and she was loving not having to lug her gear with her. Guns were heavy and she had managed to acquire quite a collection. She had also learned the hard way that in a world such as this being a hero was asking to be killed instead.

Which made her stopping for the four men being attacked by harpies one of the less intelligent things she had done since the portal opened on the roof she had been on.

The group clearly didn’t know how to handle the harpies and were being surrounded. Stopping the car she pulled her rifle from the back seat and calmly rolled down the window. Taking aim she downed one harpy and then another. By then the men had realized someone was near and were searching the horizon. Spotting her car they broke into a run as Allie continued to cover them from the car. The harpies weren’t the dumbest monsters and after two more fell they rose into the air and began a slow retreat.

Three doors opened and four bodies slammed into seats. She didn’t wait for the doors to fully shut before putting the car in drive and peeling away. She didn’t say a word and focused only on putting as many miles between them and the harpies as possible. Several times one of the men tried to thank her but she silenced them with a glare.

When she took the time to actually survey the group she had to suppress a sigh. Military, all of them. Well at least it was familiar territory.

After two miles of silence she pulled over once more. There was a larger SUV on the side that would hold them better and they needed to ditch their current ride. Jogging over she found the door unlocked and the keys under the seat. More than half a tank was good enough for her. Opening the trunk she started moving her things to the other car. The men watched her warily.

“Get in.” She called over her shoulder as she carried her last bag. They didn’t need to be told twice. Pulling back out on the road the one beside her finally broke the silence.

“Are you going to explain what just happened?”

“Harpies aren’t idiots, they remember what their prey looked like. I had them track me once for several days before I realized that they were just remembering the car. Ditched it, ditched them.”

“I’m sorry, Harpies?” He was genuinely confused and she had to remember that she wasn’t really supposed to know what they were.

“It’s what I’ve started calling them.” She said off hand. “Why were the four of you dumb enough to be out in the open like that?” She countered.

“You seem to know quite a bit about these monsters. How did you come to know so much?” He shifted so he was facing her more and she had to refrain from glaring to hard.

“Not a story you get to hear.” She looked out the window. “Look we’ve only got a few hours of daylight left and I’d rather not deal with an interrogation so let’s just drop it for now. You can have a lift for as far as you want it but I don’t do backstory.”



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