What It Takes To Stay Together (5x5x5 w.1.d.2.)

Of all the times for things to fail this was so not the time. Kari was doing her best to keep everything from catching fire as the engine came to the realization that it had been running on fumes for the last four months. But there was only so much to be done when the supplies that were needed were nowhere to be found.

“Kari!” Margaret’s voice bellowed down the hall, this wasn’t a good thing. “Why the hell is my ship listing as we come into orbit?” She made the entry and her frown intensified. “And what the hell are you doing up there?”

Kari had managed to wedge herself up on the ceiling between two of the support beams in order to maintain contact between two breakers that were entirely necessary for continued spaceship integrity. “If you want us to land in one piece I suggest you leave me to my monkey business.” The ship chose that moment to shudder violently to reinforce her point.

Margaret shrugged. “You’ve kept us together this far.” Turning away she called back over her shoulder. “We explode it’s on you.”

Kari muttered profanities under her breath while doing her best not to jostle any of the other things that she could potentially dislodge by being up there.


Once they were finally on the ground Kari discovered she wasn’t entirely sure how to get down. At least not in a way that preserved all the changes she had made to the wiring and all her bones intact. Some part of her must have been thinking ahead though as she had brought up her portable comm. “Hey Alan?”

“What’s up Kari, we’re getting ready to head out.”

She took a deep breath to prepare for the mocking she was going to receive for the next month or so over this. “Umm, it seems I can’t exactly get down.”

The snickering in the background did not go unnoticed. “Felix is on his way.”

“No, not Felix, please.” There was no response and she groaned. This was not going to be fun. She gritted her teeth at the sound of approaching footsteps.

“No why exactly are you stuck in the ceiling?” Came the all too chipper voice of Felix from below her.

She glared down at him. “I was trying to keep us from exploding. You’re welcome.”

He looked her up and down once. “And that required getting wedged up there? Really? Maybe think it’s time for a rewiring of the system?”

“Are you going to help me down or did you just come here to mock?” She accused.

Felix chuckled. “Alright alright let’s get you down.” He moved to stand on a box to the side.

“No, not there.” He stepped to the other side. “Not there either.”

He huffed. “Is there anywhere here I can step?” She shook her head. “So what exactly do you propose I do?”

“You are here to break my fall.”


“I can’t get down the way I got up without causing damage and if I just jumped I would easily break an ankle or leg because I have that kind of luck, so you are going to stand there and catch me.” She didn’t wait for a response and simply dropped from the ceiling. He did manage to catch her though with a few more profanities than she deemed necessary. “Oh shush, you’re fine, besides you wouldn’t have been able to get to me. Not nearly enough space up there.”

Felix set her neatly on her feet. “One of these days Margaret is going to need to upgrade this thing.”

She scoffed. “She’s wouldn’t know what to do, I’ve got some ideas though and this trip is the perfect time to start in on those.” She started out of the room. “You waiting on an invitation Felix?”


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