Expectations vs. Reality

Warning: The following poem is depressing. If you do not wish the feels I understand but just wanted you to know they are there. I’m good, just something I needed to write.


That feeling that sits close to your bones when you’re alone.
Telling you you’re nothing now that you’ve grown.

Because everyone else has their life together and you still live at home.

Wondering how you’re supposed to be this adult
When you don’t feel competent at breathing.

Because following your passion doesn’t put money in your pocket
And that’s the only thing that unlocks it.

Because being in your head is safer than facing reality.

That one day maybe you’ll be able to rent that studio apartment
The one with no laundry and no heating.

So that one day you can say you had one.

That one day you’ll be satisfied with the person in the mirror.

Because dreaming is just failing without the feelings.


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