Baxter’s Betrayal

“Why are we wandering among the pine trees again?” Marcie had followed Steve for three miles without complaint, but at this new realignment of their journey she was about done.

“It’s called a hike Marcie, we walk, look at the trees, enjoy nature.” Steve huffed as he pulled himself up the step like boulders in front of them.

“To quote one of the best animated giraffes ever, ‘Nature it’s all over me, get it off.’” Marcie glared up at him.

“If you had such an issue with it why did you agree to come?” He reached towards her to help her up. She gave his hand the look a cat gives its owner when it is displeased with the current food offering.

“I haven’t seen you in three weeks. You were with Sylvia training for a week then there was the camping excursion and finally that whole stopping things from blowing up the world.” She tested the boulder in front of her to see how slick it was. “If you weren’t such an up and coming hero this wouldn’t be so hard. You should really try and slack off more.” She continued to climb, regretting the decision to workout yesterday. “Also I don’t trust you to not get us lost.”

“You do realize I have a GPS tracking our location right?”

“And you do realize that you used that during the camping trip and didn’t charge it again?”

“Wait what?”

She pulled herself up next to him and smirked. “You should check your batteries more often.”

He stared at the black device in his hand. “Curse your sudden yet inevitable betrayal dead baxter.” Steve took a good look around them and sighed deeply.

“You don’t know where we are do you?”

He shook his head slowly. “No, no I do not.”

“Hah!” She proclaimed in victory.

“Really? You’re going to rub in the fact that both of us, you and I, not just me, are lost out in the wilderness with no other means of finding our way back.”

Marcie’s elation ebbed briefly before she remembered why she had been so smug in the first place. “Yes.” She said matter o factly. “ Because last time you blamed me for it and because you didn’t bring a back up. This time however is different.” She whipped out her phone. “I have a full charge and I installed an app that is satellite based not wifi based to keep track of our path. Now all we have to do is backtrack using the trail recorded for us and we are home free. So yeah HA!”

Steve stared dumbfounded. “You planned ahead? On something that you yourself not an alias is doing? You actually planned ahead?”

She sniffed in annoyance. “I do not appreciate the amount of genuine surprise in your tone Steve. I have been know to be prepared from time to time.” She stared back down the rock steps.

“I know Marcie but this is the first time your preparedness has actually benefitted us.”

“Do shut up or I will leave you here and let an owl swoop down and blind you.”

Steve did stay silent for most of the hike back. At least until his curiosity got the better of him. “Why an owl?”

Marcie shrugged. “They have silent flight thanks to specialized flight feathers so you wouldn’t hear it coming, it hunts at night, and they’re adorable.”

“Ah yes the cute yet vicious variety of maiming, I should have guessed.”

“You really should have. It’s the only way maiming should be done.”

This week we had to include a map, an owl, and betrayal. Well this wasn’t going dark as much as I was planning it too. So here we have this. See what the others did here. See the originator of the suggestions this week here. 


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