Osanna watched the white-hot piece of steel skitter off the anvil and reached to catch it without thinking. The white hot flare against her skin quickly reminded her why that was a bad idea. She shrieked and dropped the would be horse shoe to the ground. The red puckering on her skin would be a constant reminder of why action wasn’t always the best first course.

Staring at her hand now she tried to remind herself of that fact. This was probably not her smartest decision, and it was definitely as rash as she had been the day she scarred her hand.

“Are you sure you want to do this Osanna? What if you get caught?”

“Relax Nuren, I look like a servant, they won’t give me a second glance.” Osanna glanced at her friend and saw the way he twisted his hands. “Do you know of another way we’ll be able to get enough money by tomorrow night?” His hands stilled and his shoulders slumped.

“I still don’t like it.” His eyes flicked to the guards at the front gate. “I should be the one to go in Anna, It’s my mess i’ll handle it. You should get back to your family, I’m sure they’ll worry if you stay out late.”

Rolling her eyes she shook her head. “You know as well as I do that my family won’t notice unless I don’t make breakfast in the morning. And I plan on being home well before then. Besides, you’re my friend Nur, I don’t rob people blind for just anyone.” With a wink she bounded down the slope towards the servants entrance before Nuren could delay her more. The party was already in full swing, hopefully the drink was flowing as smoothly.


The first line was stolen from Gwen. Check out the whole ring of thievery here. 


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