Chair Flinging

There simply were no words. How did she explain the exact feeling you have when you want to take a chair, hurl it at someone’s head, and hope they don’t see the fist that follows? At that point you don’t want to explain how you feel you just want to throw the chair. These thoughts ran through Emma’s mind as she glared at the frustrating man in front of her.

“Are you trying to get thrown out of here?” Emma hissed through clenched teeth.

“I’m trying to talk to you Em, I’m sorry for what happened. Can’t you hear me out?” The pleading look she had found so earnest and endearing now fueled her anger.

“Do you remember exactly what happened Charles? The oh so pleasant moment that caused me to throw you out on your ungrateful ass?”

“It was one night Em! I messed up, i’m sorry. Let me make it up to you.”

Emma drew a deep breath to keep from shouting and drawing attention. “Char I’m at work, I can’t do this right now.”

“Then when? I need to fix this.”

“Just, later, alright?” She glanced around to see her manager making his way over to them.

“See when you say that it makes me think there won’t be a later.”

“Everything alright here Emma?” Leon stood behind her shoulder, glancing between her and Charles.

“It’s fine Leon, he was just leaving.” She gave Charles a pointed look, which of course he ignored.

“Come on Emma, just give me five minutes to explain.

“Sir, I think it would be best if you left now.” Leon stepped in front of Emma and as she looked around she noticed three other coworkers flanking her and Leon. Charles paled slightly, taking a half step back.

“I’ll call you later Em.” He turned and fled.

“Thanks Leon.” Emma tried to lessen the tension in her shoulders.

“He’s not the first idiot ex I’ve had to throw out of here. Don’t worry about it Emma. You need anything? A drink, nap, punching bag, body hiding accomplices?”

She giggled slightly. “I’ll be alright. He’ll call and I will tell him all the things I’ve been holding back. After that he won’t come near me again.”
“There’s the vicious Emma we all know and love, thought we lost you there for a few months there.” He gave her shoulder a quick pat before heading off to work. She had gotten less sarcastic since she had been dating Charles, well that was going to change starting now.

This line was stolen from Kate. To see the whole lot of thieves click here. 


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