Poltergeist Problems

Behind him, there was the slow, easing creak of a bowstring dragged back.

“Well damn.” His body fell to the ground and he found himself staring down at his now bloody body, an arrow protruding from his neck. “Aw man really? You killed me with an arrow? That is so not cool dude!”

His killer moved towards his corpse and began looking through his pockets. Floating above his body the newly ghostified individual pouted and began the harrowing process of figuring out whether he was going to rest in piece or haunt the bastard looting his still warm backside.

The murderer pocketed his money and then began searching the backpack. Ghost boy was seriously considering resting in peace. Then he saw his mint condition Batman figurine going to his murderer.

Haunt. Definitely haunt.

This line was stolen from Gwen. Check out the ring of thievery here. 



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