Reports of Lemur catta and Volcanoes

They gleefully threw him, head first and screaming, into the heart of the volcano. What else were you going to do with a sacrifice to a volcano god?

“The ritual is complete!” The head priest turned and raised his paws to the heavens. “Oh great god of the volcano and good juju, we beseech you enjoy this sacrifice and take it as tribute so we may be protected from your lava wrath another year.” The troop bowed in deference to the fiery overlord of the great volcano. “Let us feast!” The reaction was instantaneous, groups scampered off in every direction to bring the food for the feast. The head priest groomed his tail thoughtfully.

This year’s sacrifice almost hadn’t happened. It was becoming harder and harder to find willing sacrifices. This year they had to go off the island to find one. True they had to do a little misinforming to get them to agree but what were they supposed to do, let the volcano erupt and kill them all? They were cute and fluffy, that justified everything didn’t it? He really needed to stop thinking about the morality of it all, it was depressing.

“Sir,” Turning he found one of the younger males of the troop at his side, “the feast is ready, they are waiting for you to join.”

“Yes alright, thank you.” The small grey jumped away. The head priest put all thoughts of the ritual aside, he wouldn’t need to think about it for another year after all. Besides, there was food to be enjoyed and enjoyment to be had. He joined the troop and put all other thoughts away.


“You’ve got to be kidding me.” he turned to his colleague and put the scientific journal down.

“I’m not, lemurs ritualistically murder other species in a volcano.”

“This is why I said studying in Madagascar was not a good idea.”

He shrugged. “Hey at least they aren’t strong enough to throw us in.”

The first line was stolen from Kid. Check out the ring of thievery here. 



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