The darkness spread from the palace like a living thing, and even the most careless of the fae paused to take note and hide. That darkness could only mean one thing, someone had pissed off Hanc. This was bad news for any fae that valued their lives (fae in this context meaning freakishly aware Echinoderms). For those less aware fae, like most of the sea cucumbers, Hanc was probably going to eat them for kicks and giggles after his ink tantrum dissipated.

If only the fae could rally together and get the stupid sperm whales to leave Hanc alone. I mean no one really wanted a Huge Angry Narcissistic Cephalopod rampaging in their back yard eating their neighbors because some mean migrating mammals decided you were fun to mess with.

Judging by the amount of ink emanating from Hancs’ domain the residents were going to be living this one down for weeks. Well at least Hanc had a hard time eating anything with an odd number of appendages, so most of the starfish were going to be safe. Thank goodness for obsessive compulsive giant squids.

The first line was stolen from Kid. Check out the entire ring here.



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